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10pin Bowling is happy to introduce a new sleek, modern and super fun hangout space with a new pool table and ping pong table to relax and enjoy with friends. Order some food, have fun shooting pool and playing ping pong then go for hours of bowling! Now that’s a fun night out…


What sets 10pin Bowling Lounge apart from your average lounge bar is its high-end gastropub-influenced menu, featuring American-cuisine small plates that augment the communal experience. When combined with an extensive mixologist cocktail menu—featuring an extensive martini list—10pin Bowling Lounge stands apart from the rest of the Chicago lounge bar scene. You can eat at our plush seating, or even tableside right by your lane.


If you’ve been looking for a new spot in the heart of Chicago, then Marina City’s trendy lounge bar 10pin is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Chicago may have a lot of bowling alleys, but it has nothing else like 10pin. 10pin combines the retro fun of a bowling alley with the luxury of an upscale lounge.


10pin is known for attracting upscale individuals looking for a new experience. It’s much more like an exclusive nightclub than your average Chicago bowling alley with a strict dress code enforced at the door. This ambiance attracts more than just bowlers, instead a rich nightlife filled with singles of all ages who are looking to meet people, dance, and have some fun.

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